Disc Problems

Intervertebral discs are positioned between the vertebrae in the spine and have many functions. The outside of a disc is made from cartilage, and in the center is a jelly like solution. These discs  allow movement of the spine by creating space between the vertebrae, and acting as shock absorbers. The middle of the disc contains a gel like substance that allows the disc to compress and expand based on impact and movement. Trauma to the spine can cause a multitude of issues such as herniated, bulging,  displaced (slipped disc), or even ruptured. Trauma or direct injury to the disks are not the only cause. Part of the aging process includes the discs becoming weaken dehydrated. Any of these conditions can put pressure on the nerves around the spine and cause pain.

If you suffer from one of these injuries you should come in to see us. Surgery is often risky, expensive, and requires recovery time. In many cases, you can experience relief from these conditions through chiropractic care. By properly aligning the spine, pressure can be relieved on nerves and on the discs themselves. This will reduce and hopefully eliminate your pain and discomfort and allow you to live a normal lifestyle.

We offer state of the art spinal decompression therapy that has a high rate of success in treating disc issues

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