• "I got the best treatment from the best people. I am so glad I came here for my problems, and I highly recommend this place to anybody and everybody."
  • "I love coming for my weekly adjustments, it keeps me healthy and feeling amazing!!!! I crossfit, and getting adjusted every week helps keep the kinks out and let's me continue to push my fitness to the next level."
  • "This place was really good. There's no rush, Dr. Tony takes his time with you, dives deep into why you are in pain, I was relieved of pain right after the adjustment and it lasted! If you want a chiropractor for life, this is the place. I can tell he really cares and knows what he is doing. I'll be back for sure."
  • "New You and Chiropractic Wellness Center and Dr. Tony - Thank you! Football scrimmage last Friday - sore player, now back to his full range of motion. Trent is feeling well adjusted. I'm glad you are so close to CHHS, I'm a very happy Football mom."
  • "I had shoulder pain for quite sometime. Dr. Tony adjusted my shoulder and I no longer have problems with my shoulder. My wife had lower back problems for years, largely attributed to the fact that she had a hip that was higher than the other, and had for many years. Dr. Tony recognized the problem right away and made the appropriate adjustments. She has not had any problems with it since and talks about what a difference the adjustment has made in her walk. She gets around so much better now. We both highly recommend Dr. Tony. Everything about the visit was positive, as was the outcome."
    LARRY W.
  • "I've been to several chiropractors but none of them were as thorough or holistic as Dr Tony. The office is super cool, and the massage chair before my adjustment was amazing! I've had back, neck, and shoulder
    issues for years, but I definitely felt like a new me after my adjustment. Even though they don't take insurance, the cost ended up being less than I've paid in copays and deductibles to other chiropractors who do! Also, the weight loss program looked really interesting, and I might give it a try when I can focus more on weight loss."
  • "I have been very happy with New You Chiropractic Wellness Center! They have excellent high quality supplements and vitamins which have really helped my immune system and leaky gut problem. In addition to that, I used to have a lot of joint and lower back pain, but after treatments I have improved tremendously. I was experiencing so many health problems before becoming their patient. I can now enjoy my life again. Their adjustments with a new diet plan have made me feel like a new person. I definitely recommend them!"
  • "I love New You Chiropractic! I recently found this place, and it's conveniently located right by my house. The staff are so friendly and well educated. I recently went in with horrible allergies, and after an
    adjustment and supplements I felt better within the week! This has been the quickest recovery I've ever had and way less expensive than a visit to my primary doctor. I even purchased a special pillow that has helped tremendously with my sleep problems. I will definitely be coming here often!"
  • "I love New You Chiropractic! They took care of me after a recent car accident and were able to get me relief from my lower and upper back pain. They are sweet, friendly and very concerned with the well-being of their patients. My visit with them was my first time ever going to a chiropractor and I was a little nervous on my first visit. They explained everything in great detail, even demonstrated an adjustment, to help reduce the uncertainty. It made me feel much better about getting treatment."
    STACY S.
  • "April introduced me the the Proper Pillow. What a life saver it has been! I would wake up every morning with my neck hurting, but not anymore. They really know what they are doing. A very professional, friendly place. I highly recommend them!"
  • "Dr. Tony is amazing and is extremely knowledagble about all things Chiropractic, and is very honest in what he can and can’t do for your health. That is a very rare thing to find these days! They have a full complement of services to get your body working correctly, and I have had a great experience every time."
    KYLAN H.
  • "(PRICELESS) Alighn, complete. Feel Balanced & whole! Treat yourself, meet Dr. Tony Kelsoe. "I've been going to chiropractors for over a decade, And Dr. Kelsoe is hands down the best."
    KEVIN S.
  • "I came here today because both my brother and sister in law lost over 45lbs in 6-7 weeks. His program is amazing and I am excited with the new knowledge the doctor shared with me. He explained exactly where and why I was stalling out with my personal weight loss. This is well worth the expense as it changed our lives."
    AARON S.
  • "5 STARS ***** New You Chiropractic has won me over for getting my spine straightened out! Beautiful office, always on time, no waiting, and it's great when Dr. Tony explains what he has done to my back to make you feel better. Very caring, knowledgeable, friendly and April Kelsoe always has a smile to greet you when you walk in. I also got a new pillow for my husband and he loves it! Highly recommend Dr. Tony!"
    NANCY C.

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